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The Essential Christian Teacher, UK

Phill begins another cohort of the Essential Christian Teacher this September in both the North (based at Bradford Christian School) and the South (based at the King's School, Whitney)

This is the fifth year that the course has been run and Phill is temporarily taking back the responsibility to deliver the course and review and refine it for continuity in both its northern and southern venues. Part of our vision for the course is that we find partners all over Europe who understand the material and can deliver it in their own settings and cultures. To this end Phill will be training up Jane Prothero to deliver the course in the north and Steve Beegoo to deliver it at the King's school in the south. Jane is an experienced Christian educator who has most recently joined the leadership at Bradford Christian School from a position of leadership in Primary and Special Needs education at Hope International School, Cambodia. Jane is also an experienced teacher trainer and has work as a lecturer at York St John's amongst other settings. Steve is the Headteacher at the King's school and has varied experience in teaching and leadership in both state and Christian schools. He has also been a pastor and is a member of the Core Team of the Christian School's Trust.

The second year of the current cohorts will be taught in the north and in the south by Phill and Mike Haxton and Sally Stokes respectively. Mike and Sally have successfully led the course in the south of the country based in The King's School, Basingstoke. Mike will be leaving his work at the Basingstoke school at the end of this year and Sally will be retiring from teaching to spend more time with her husband.

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