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We have a great set of established courses which we can run for any event. Get in touch for our rates and availability. We also have several series which can be delivered for conferences and training events.

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the Essential christian teacher

This course aims to help the Christian teacher define what it means to be a genuinely Christian practitioner in the community of a Christian school.

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Preparing World Changers

God had brought your students to you to serve and show Jesus to them. This course explores the role you can play in the future of your pupils through your example.

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The essential Christian School Leader

This course is based in a school community with an opportunity to observe and consult with a Senior Leadership Team. It is based on networking, involving the leaders visiting schools with best practice.

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The barmitzvah project

The Barmitzvah Project is based on the idea of the Jewish right of passage where a young Jewish boy (Barmitzvah) and a young Jewish girl (Batmitzvah) consider what it means to be an adult member of the community.

The Exploring Hope Series

Principles of hope based education. These are ideal for staff meetings, in-service days or conferences.


People God shaped and used whilst they were young

Principles for getting young people into their destiny with God.

The Gift

Teaching English and Literature from a Christian world view.


stand alone Teaching

Teaching English and Literature from a Christian world view.


The Culture of God's Kingdom Series

We talk a lot about values but what do they look like when they are embedded in our educational cultures? It has been said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. So, if it is true that we can make great strategic plans but they can be blocked and neutralised by embedded cultures, how do we build strong cultures based on the Christian values we aspire to?

Graham has experience of leading in both educational and church contexts and has worked with this material to help groups become more fruitful in their settings. The material has also been used in many nations to great effect.

The session are interactive, involving bible teaching and study, group discussions, question and answer, prayer, worship and suggested follow-up reading.

Email Graham on graham@riverschool.co.uk for more information on this series.


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